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10 Sunglasses Deals to Expect for Black Friday 2023

10 Sunglasses Deals to Expect for Black Friday 2023

Almost every brand offers discounts for Black Friday, helping people save. While one can shop for anything during this time, many look for fashion accessories like sunglasses that help upgrade their style quotient and complement their outfit well. Sure, the sale may be two months away, but consumers can prepare by shortlisting the models they’d like to grab. Here are ten popular sunglasses styles and the deals to expect on them for Black Friday 2023.

1. Aviators
This is among the most popular styles globally, inspired by the shades worn by pilots in the air force. It resonates with fans of action and war movies. Aviators are characterized by their iconic light-gold rimmed frame, a wide polarized tinted glass shade, and the brand name embossed on the glass. Last year’s sale indicates Black Friday discounts of around 20% on premium aviator glasses in 2023.

2. Oversized sunglasses
Oversized glasses are all the rage, with younger men and women sporting thick frames and frames larger than required. Besides being a beauty statement, oversized frames have a practical application; they block more direct sunlight penetrating the frame. One can choose from various frame shapes, including oval, square, and rectangle. Popular brands with a good collection of oversized glasses offered up to 60% off last Black Friday.

3. Clip-on sunglasses
Clip-on frames are gaining popularity owing to their versatile design. One can buy a single frame and experiment with multiple lenses and color shades by switching them in and out. In most cases, a magnetic system locks in individual lenses. Clip-ons are a cool accessory to flaunt and pair with different outfits. Based on last year’s trends, shoppers may enjoy around 20% off across popular brands on various ecommerce sites this Black Friday.

4. Cat-eye sunglasses
Cat-eye sunglasses resemble a cat’s eyes. They are sleek at the temples, taper downward, and have soft, rounded corners. Many celebrities have adorned this style at red carpet events, making it popular. Cat-eyes became an instant hit among women in their early 20s and 30s sporting the bob-cut hairstyle. Ahead of the Black Friday sale, buyers can expect up to 70% off a broad range of sunglasses in this category.

5. Geometric sunglasses
Geometric sunglasses add a beautiful structure to the face by accentuating its natural angles. Since the bigger frame can support a wide lens, many prefer them to enhance their field of view. These sunglasses are comfortable for long-distance driving since the wide lens does not cause irritation. Past sale trends indicate one can get geometric sunglasses for 60% to 65% less during Black Friday.

6. Browline sunglasses
This retro frame has been featured in several movies and TV sitcoms, popularizing it among the masses. Browline glasses suit oval, round, diamond, and square face types. Several types of frame thicknesses and color options are available in this category. One can expect to spend 40% less on this style in the early days of the sale.

7. Round sunglasses
Yesteryear rockstars, including world-famous bands and lead singers, most certainly popularized the round-frame glasses. These suit people with symmetric facial accents, helping them look sharp in natural lighting. They are also perfect for those who want to flaunt a strong jawline. Based on previous year’s sales estimates, shoppers can expect sitewide discounts of at least 20% on popular frames during the shopping weekend.

8. Square sunglasses
Square sunglasses suit all face types, unlike its less-popular counterpart, the rectangular frame. Many will have noticed their extensive use in ramp walk shows. The style looks good on adults and is an excellent pick for unisex sunglasses. One may save up to 25% on square-frame designs, with members enjoying an additional 10% off on popular brands.

9. Rectangle sunglasses
Millions across the globe embrace this classic design. Rectangle sunglasses are in demand, with mainstream celebrities flaunting models built by premium brands. A key highlight of this frame is its minimalistic yet functional design that blends well with smart formals and casuals alike, giving the wearer a versatile look. Based on previous year’s estimates, shoppers can expect 25% to 40% discounts for Black Friday 2023.

10. Polarized sunglasses
Many sunglasses are polarized to provide extra glare protection. Such designs are popularly worn for sporting activities in the water or in extreme heat conditions. Almost every major brand has made-to-order polarized glasses. Those interested in these can expect up to 30% off the best brands, as was the case last Black Friday.