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10 surprising things that a home warranty doesn’t cover

10 surprising things that a home warranty doesn’t cover

If you purchased or are planning to purchase a home, you may have wondered what a home warranty covers. A home warranty can save you money when any systems and appliances break down, preserving your home and budget. However, it doesn’t cover every element of your home. Some aspects that a home warranty doesn’t cover, like leaky roofs and cosmetic damage, are listed below. Scroll down to uncover the limitations of a home warranty plan.

Walls, doors, and windows
A home warranty usually doesn’t cover walls, windows, and doors as they are considered structural elements. However, based on the age of your home, these items will be covered by a homeowners insurance policy or builder’s warranty.

Cosmetic damage
If the damage, like scratches or dents, is caused by natural wear and tear over time, it is the homeowners’ responsibility, not that of the warranty provider.

Pest damage
Home warranties are not designed to cover and repair/ replace the damages caused by pest infestations like rodents or termites.

Leaking roofs
A home warranty doesn’t cover leaking roofs since this is a structural problem.

Hot tubs and swimming pools
Pools and hot tubs are some things not covered under a home warranty, but certain companies might extend their coverage at an additional price.

Sprinkler and septic systems
Water-related systems, such as sprinklers and septic systems, are excluded, but a manufacturer or installer can guarantee their protection.

Installation of new equipment
When you replace a home appliance, it may necessitate structural changes according to new building codes. However, home warranties won’t cover any modifications when installing new replacement equipment.

Pre-existing problems
Home warranties are unsuitable for systems and appliances with existing issues before you get the coverage. Typically when you sign the Home Warranty Service Agreement, these elements should be in good condition.

Damage caused by improper maintenance
Any system and appliances require regular maintenance to ensure their optimal function. However, the home warranty won’t extend its coverage if the damage happens due to improper maintenance.

Garage doors and tracks
Garage door openers are added to a home warranty, while garage doors and tracks are excluded. However, you can use a homeowners insurance policy to replace your garage door.

Every home warranty has exclusions and limitations, which the customers won’t know. The exact things excluded from a home warranty might vary depending on your chosen company. Therefore, carefully reading the contract can reduce misunderstanding and frustration while ensuring the maximum safety of your home.