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15 Hidden Samsung Watch Hacks Users Must Know

15 Hidden Samsung Watch Hacks Users Must Know

Smartwatches have gained immense popularity in recent years. The latest models can perform tasks like tracking fitness, answering calls, and scrolling through an in-built gallery. While several options are available, Samsung’s Galaxy Watch5 and Watch6 are among the most well-known. Users appreciate their Bixby smart assistant and intuitive interface. However, these wearables also have other advanced features. Here are 15 hidden Samsung watch hacks people typically do not know about.

1. Customize the watch face
The Samsung Watch6 is equipped with several dozen pre-made watch faces. However, if someone doesn’t like these, they can download third-party applications and get new ones. Users can also customize the clock font, color, layout, and more via the Galaxy Wearable app.

2. Adjust the screen timeout interval
By default, the Samsung Watch6’s display turns off after 15 seconds of inactivity. However, users can change the screen timeout to suit their needs. For instance, one can change it to 30 seconds or a minute. It’s also possible to keep the display running at all times by accessing the “Always On” feature.

3. Activate health tracking
Users can switch on the health tracking features via the Samsung Health Monitor app on their cell phones. One can choose to monitor heart rate, stress levels, blood oxygen during sleep, snore detection, skin temperature during sleep, and more. This feature is invaluable for those switching to a healthier lifestyle.

4. Reorder the screen
Individuals can move the apps and widgets on a Samsung Watch to suit their needs. It’s advisable to keep the most used apps front and center to avoid unnecessary swiping.

5. Take screenshots
Users can take screenshots on the Galaxy Watch5 or Watch6 by simply swiping from the screen’s left to the right edge while holding down the home button. The images are saved in the local storage and must be manually transferred to one’s phone.

6. Enable gesture controls
The Samsung Galaxy Watch5 and Watch6 are equipped with unique gesture controls. As the name suggests, this feature allows users to respond to calls, messages, and notifications with a flick of the wrist. To set it up, one can visit the Advanced Features section in the Settings app or the Watch Settings menu in the Galaxy Wearable app.

7. Customize the Emergency SOS message settings
Emergency SOS isn’t set up by default. Watch owners must enable it by visiting the Settings app and heading to Safety and Emergency. Here, one can also adjust the cancellation countdown window and choose emergency contacts. Since the watch doesn’t automatically call 911, users must save this number as a contact and list it under emergency recipients.

8. Set up Google Assistant
With the Samsung Watch6, users can now access Google Assistant from their watches as an alternative to Bixby. To do so, one can visit the Google Watch6 Play Store app, look for Google Assistant, and tap Update. Users can follow the setup instructions to activate the voice assistant from the wrist!

9. Add music files to stream
Users can add music files directly to their watch, eliminating the need to carry a cell phone during a walk, run, or gym session. To use this feature, one must visit the Galaxy Wearable app, go to Watch Settings, click on Manage Content, and then Add Tracks. Once set up, all tracks will be available for streaming in the watch’s Music app.

10. Turn on Samsung Smart Lock
Smart Lock can make phone usage more efficient by keeping it unlocked in trusted locations, such as one’s home. To set it up, one must visit the Settings app on their phone, tap on Lock Screen, and then Smart Lock. One should then list the watch under Trusted Devices. Once set up, the Galaxy phone can stay unlocked for up to four hours with the watch nearby.

11. Enable Water Lock
When engaging in activities like swimming or water sports, Water Lock prevents the watch from getting swiped unintentionally. To set it up, users must go to Water Lock under the Advanced Features panel in the Settings app. One can hold the Home button for two seconds to turn off this feature.

12. Connect remotely to the watch
Gone are the days of constant Bluetooth connectivity. The Samsung Galaxy Watch is equipped with LTE and/or Wi-Fi technology, seamlessly connecting phones to watches. This connection can be used to enable the Find My Phone feature.

13. Avoid duplicate notifications
Getting notified twice (on the phone as well as the watch) for the same activity may become frustrating. Users can mute their phone while their watch is on to avoid duplicate notifications. This setting can be found under the Notifications section in the Google Wearable app.

14. Try the Theater and Goodnight modes
The Galaxy Smartwatch has fun new modes. The Theater mode silences all notifications to help users enjoy a movie. While the Goodnight mode is similar, it doesn’t silence alarms.

15. Enable the Watch-Only mode
Users can turn on the Watch-Only mode when the watch’s battery is critically low. It switches off all sensors and applications and only allows users to view the time. The Watch-Only mode can help the watch’s battery last two to three days longer.