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3 easy ways to order checks for the first time

3 easy ways to order checks for the first time

Although the world is shifting to digital transactions, people continue to use checks as a mode of payment. Moreover, many people prefer to secure or guarantee future payments with post-dated checks. However, since checks are not readily available, one needs to know how to order them. This knowledge is especially important for those ordering for the first time. So here are a few ways in which one can order checks to meet their financial needs.

If one has a bank account, one can easily order checks. Moreover, if one has previously ordered checks from their bank, they can reorder by visiting the bank’s website. However, those who are ordering checks from their bank for the first time would need to connect with a customer service representative or visit the bank in person for details. To ensure security, one will have to verify their identity by presenting a valid government-issued photo ID. Similarly, one can also order checks from a credit union. Some banks and credit unions like Wells Fargo, Chase, Bank of America, Navy Federal Credit Union, and Ally Bank offer the first few checks for free.

Online printers
If one wishes to order checks with customized designs, one can easily do so through online check printers. To begin the process, one would need to choose one of the many available options for an online check printer. When one visits the online printer’s website, one will find relevant information on how to order the checks. One can choose from different font styles and designs to create a unique look for the checks. Once the design choices have been made, one will have to provide personal information like name and address. Finally, one will also have to specify the number of checks required for use.

Retail stores
Popular retail stores also offer check printing services. One can visit the websites to order checks through one of the retail stores. Since the stores also offer customized checks, one can select designs and fonts of their choice. On the website, they will find the steps to place an order for the checks, just like other online printers. Other information regarding the order, like the price, variety, and security features, will be specified on the website.