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4 common banner design mistakes to avoid

4 common banner design mistakes to avoid

Banners are a form of promotion strategy that combines text and images for marketing and generating new leads for a brand. One can design banners for various companies focusing on brand promotion, awareness creation, etc., depending on the type of business. Creative designs and well-written copies play a huge role in improving the buzz for any brand. Here are a few mistakes to avoid while designing a new banner for any print or digital campaign.

Poor color combinations
Color shades make or break your banner designs and can mean all the difference between running a successful ad campaign and losing out on marketing opportunities. Color psychology is a study of how various colors affect human behavior and mood that marketers use to create a good advertisement, irrespective of print or digital. The type of product or service offered by the client can significantly impact the color of banners.

Picking the wrong size for banner elements
For both print and digital banners, it is important not to mess up the size of the elements used for the banner. For example, a bigger font with limited space on the banner will make the whole copy look disproportionate and unappealing. Spacing is also important, depending on the font you choose. Some fonts look good with lesser alphabetical spacing, whereas others look better with more spacing. One should experiment with different layouts to find the best fit that suits all the elements on the banner.

Logo mistakes and typographical errors
Brand logos play a crucial role in promoting the company. Therefore, shifting the logo a few inches here or there can make all the difference in the banner design. One must avoid too much clutter for the elements on the banner to make the logo stand out. Invest in an excellent graphic designer to develop appealing brand logos. Furthermore, avoid typographical mistakes in the final design; you don’t want to print or publish brand banners with misspelled words that can negatively impact the campaign.

Forgetting to add contact information
Besides spreading brand awareness, banners also generate more leads for the business. Not including relevant contact information inside the banner will prevent new leads from happening, as potential customers won’t be able to call and ask you for details. Call-to-action statements work well for short copy banners, along with adding contact information like addresses, phone numbers, and social media links. In the case of digital banners, you can directly include hyperlinks that redirect to the brand websites.