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4 mistakes to avoid when applying for debit cards online

4 mistakes to avoid when applying for debit cards online

A debit card makes it easy to access money from the bank or an ATM. One could easily spend what’s in their account without carrying cash or writing a check. However, each bank sets its terms and conditions associated with a debit card. Those who sign up for one online without a second thought might often incur unwanted charges. With this in mind, here are four mistakes to avoid when applying for a debit card.

Going for the first available option
Several banks offer a series of debit card options to customers. However, in a hurry to get things done, people apply for the first card they see online. Doing so may result in paying higher fees than one should or signing up for features that one does not need. Individuals must always take their time when applying for debit cards to ensure they sign up with a suitable provider.

Not reading the fine print
One of the common mistakes people make when applying for a debit card online is ignoring the fine print. While a bank may offer a debit card free of charge, it might be conditional on eligibility criteria. For example, one might incur charges if they do not spend a certain amount within the first year, such as $500. Reading the conditions also helps one better understand any important aspects of the debit card.

Overlooking the ATM withdrawal fees
Most individuals who prefer using cash overlook the ATM withdrawal charges levied by their bank. For instance, some financial institutions only offer up to five free transactions per month. Anything above that may incur a certain fee per transaction. In addition to this, banks may levy charges on transactions conducted at out-of-network ATMs. So, one should always check the ATM withdrawal fees when applying for a debit card online.

Applying for a debit card without rewards
Many people apply for debit cards without checking for benefits, which means they miss out on a lot of savings in the long run. During the application process, one should check with the bank for benefits, such as cashback and rewards. The perk ensures that when one uses the debit card to shop for groceries or other items, they may get certain amounts or reward points as cash back at select retail outlets.