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4 mistakes to avoid when buying an EV

4 mistakes to avoid when buying an EV

Buying an Electric Vehicle (EV) may be the right choice for someone looking for a sustainable and affordable vehicle option. Over the years, there have been many technological developments and improvements in the manufacturing of electric vehicles. This means there is the option of buying efficient cars that are better for the environment. However, there are some things to know and mistakes to avoid before purchasing an electric car. These are as follows:

1. Not claiming tax benefit
Individuals who buy a new electric vehicle can qualify for a federal tax credit of up to $7,500. Apart from this, some state and local rebates give more money. Some of these rebates, in some cases, are even provided by the power companies.

2. Not regularly charging the vehicle
EVs run on charge, which is the whole basis of this vehicle. A planned charging schedule is paramount to ensuring that the vehicle is readily available whenever needed, especially during emergencies. One of the perks of using an EV is that one can easily charge it at home. It may be slow, but it’ll do the job, and in a couple of hours, one will have a full battery. Many people usually charge their EVs in the evening after work, and by the morning, the cars are 100% charged and can be used for travel in the city or otherwise. Some people also charge their cars at charging cables or stations along the route to work in case of any emergencies.

3. Not buying an EV with enough range
Individuals should always choose EVs with a long driving range, even if they only need to use the car for a shorter commute. The idea of having transport is to be able to move without hassle, so in case of an emergency or even an impromptu leisurely drive, one should not be hindered because one chose the wrong EV that cannot travel the distance. Choosing a 300-mile range is a good option, as it covers a lot of distance and is realistic.

4. Not considering budget and need
Look for the available options in the market and find the one that suits one’s needs the best. The good thing about EVs is that a few budget options are available.