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4 stylish jewelry trends dominating this spring

4 stylish jewelry trends dominating this spring

With so many fashion and accessory options available, it can be challenging to stay up-to-date on the latest trends. It is next to impossible to buy and wear everything that becomes trendy. That’s why some classics never go out of style and always make a comeback with the changing seasons. Here are some of the most popular styles for polished jewelry, sparking quite an interest this spring among fashion lovers.

Bulky earrings
Classic earrings never go out of style. And this spring, you should check out chandelier earrings with a bold pattern and upbeat style making a comeback. Celebrities and fashion influencers love wearing chunky chandelier earrings to red-carpet events because of their striking appearance and versatile patterns, complementing formal and elegant outfits. The best part is you don’t have to break the bank to own this fashionable style.

Large bangles
Bulky bangles are back in style! If you have checked out any of your favorite spring catalogs, you must have come across this design that has been making the rounds across the globe. Cuff bangles or cuff bracelets are a trendy yet minimalist way of styling without accessorizing too much. And mostly, gold and silver finishes are the preferred styles for bangles.

Pinky rings
Couples often wear pinky rings to commemorate special occasions, and they can be personalized to fit both men and women. Although the popularity of these rings declined for a while, they are now experiencing a resurgence. When worn in a set, they can complement other accessories and enhance your overall style. These rings are best paired with casual attire, and you can mix and match colors to create your own unique set.

Nose piercings
Piercings are catching on fast. It’s a trend that has only seen an upward rise since they first became popular, but this spring, women are going back to getting nose piercings. Celebrities like Lizzo and Kim Kardashian recently showed up at events wearing some bold statement nose piercings. If that doesn’t spark interest among their diehard fans, nothing will! You must check out these styles before the accessories get sold out from popular shopping outlets.