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5 baby products to avoid buying

5 baby products to avoid buying

Taking care of a newborn child is a full-time responsibility, right from when they wake up till bedtime. The good news is there are a number of innovative products designed for the baby’s comfort, safety, and even entertainment. So, parents don’t have to constantly worry about their child’s well-being. However, despite positive reviews about must-have baby products, here are five commonly used ones to avoid at all costs and for a good reason.

Sleep positioners
Babies struggle to maintain proper posture and can roll over into an uncomfortable position while sleeping in the crib. Sleep positioners prevent babies from rolling onto their stomachs and are also used to elevate the head and back of babies. However, if a baby rolls into their crib bedding or presses their faces against a sleep positioner, they risk suffocating.

Crib bumpers and bedding
Crib bumpers are bedding accessories to prevent the toddler from sliding and hitting the crib slats or rails. However, there is a potential risk of suffocation if the infant rolls over and presses his/her face into the crib bumper padding. It is also not advisable for parents to use excessive bedding inside the crib to cradle the child’s position properly. All the extra layers add to the rollover problems.

Baby walkers
These plastic seats on wheels provide support as the baby tries to take its first steps. However, buying a walker is not a good idea living in a multistoried home. There is always the risk of babies walking right up to the edge of the stairs, losing their balance, and tumbling down. Many recent studies have also proven that walkers delay the baby’s natural cognitive and physical development.

Bedside sleepers
Babies need nursing several times during the day. But repeatedly carrying and placing the baby in and out of the crib can be tiresome. This is why parents prefer using co-sleeper padding and bedding to cradle the baby on the master bed. However, these low-padded accessories are another suffocation hazard. Even worse, at night, either of the parents could accidentally roll over on the side where the baby is sleeping.

Sling carriers
Sling carriers are unsafe due to the construction of this accessory. Babies younger than 4 months are at risk of suffocation, injuries, abrasions, and even fractures if the carrier is unable to hold the baby securely. Instead, experts advise using a front backpack or car seat carrier with additional safety belts and harnesses to secure the baby.