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5 cleaning mistakes that can lead to an unhygienic home

5 cleaning mistakes that can lead to an unhygienic home

You may love a squeaky clean home. To get the job done, you may even have all the essential tools, including the mop, vacuum cleaner, and a broomstick. However, taking the initiative to clean the home thoroughly is no easy feat. The job is tedious and time-consuming. Sometimes, to keep the house clean, people end up making their living space dirtier. Here are five cleaning mistakes that make your home dirtier.

Rubbing a stain before blotting
Dropping food or beverages on the floor is a common accident in all households. For most people, the first instinct is to scrub such stains instantly. But doing so can cause the spill to spread and lodge its composition deeper into the floor material. Instead, you must blot the stain with a clean white cloth to extract the residue. You must then use an appropriate stain removal method based on the material of your floor.

Disinfecting before cleaning
Disinfectants are cleaning agents that can eliminate germs. However, the floor is generally masked with a layer of dust and germs. If you use a disinfectant when there is dust on the floor, it may prevent the chemical from working effectively. Therefore, you must sweep off any dust before disinfecting the floor.

Using a sponge to clean surfaces
If you use a sponge to clean surfaces like the dining table or the kitchen counter, it’s time to stop. A sponge used regularly to clean such surfaces might be unhygienic and infested with bacteria. If you insist on using a sponge, disinfect it regularly. Alternatively, you can use a microfiber cloth to clean these regions of your home.

One cleaning cloth for multiple surfaces
While using a single cloth to clean all areas of your home may seem like the easy way out, it is unhygienic. Using the same cleaning product may trigger the spread of germs and harmful bacteria from one surface to the next and may lead to diseases. Use a different cleaning cloth for each room and wash them after using them.

Poor ventilation while cleaning
Cleaning products contain chemicals like ammonia and bleach that may release fumes when applied on a surface. And without proper ventilation, these fumes will circulate inside your home. Inhaling them can lead to irritation in your airway and other health complications. Therefore, you must open the windows, switch on the exhaust, or use an air purifier to ventilate the room, especially when you clean your home.

Disinfecting your home becomes easier when you use products like Clorox®. The brand’s laundry Fabric Disinfectant and Fabric Sanitizer kill most microbes from the fabric. The products are also effective in eliminating odor without compromising the fabric quality. Clorox® also offers a range of cleaning products like disinfectant wipes, bleaches, laundry sanitizers, and multi-purpose cleaners. These cleaners are effective against common microbes like salmonella, and E.coli.

If you are planning to hire professional services for cleaning your home, you may check out SERVPRO’s cleanup services that include cleaning of air ducts and HVAC, carpet and upholstery, and odor removal, among other services. However, it is best to compare all the available popular services for cleaning your home before you hire any service.

Additionally, your chimney is an important part of your house. According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America, all chimneys should be cleaned at least once a year with a wire brush, broom, and dustpan to keep your home hygienic and clean. Alternatively, you can look up professional chimney cleaning services near you.

You should use good quality products like Amway’s cleaning supplies for a clean and fresh home. From Amway’s laundry detergents and disinfectants to air treatment products, you can find a 360° solution for all your cleaning needs.
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