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5 common Botox mistakes to avoid for best results

5 common Botox mistakes to avoid for best results

These days, receiving a Botox treatment is easy due to its widespread popularity. It is a quick and pain-free treatment that a dermatologist can administer. Moreover, Botox has several skin and health benefits, such as reducing wrinkles, treating chronic migraines, reducing excessive sweating, and addressing neck spasms. However, one must avoid certain common mistakes before, during, or after the procedure to utilize this treatment’s benefits fully. Some common Botox mistakes to avoid are listed below.

Getting a massage after the procedure
Getting a massage after undergoing Botox treatment can be harmful. A massage causes the components of Botox to spread to other areas of the skin and unintentionally affects those muscles and tissues. Therefore, undergoing a massage right after Botox can have several undesirable results, such as unwanted stretching or loosening of skin in specific areas.

To avoid such issues, it is advised to get a massage at least a week to 10 days after receiving Botox treatment.

Exercising on the day of treatment
The skin retains an element of sensitivity after Botox. Therefore, health experts advise people undergoing this procedure to avoid exercising for at least three to four hours after the treatment. Exercising involves wear and tear of the skin tissues and muscles. So, working out after Botox can cause long-standing damage to the skin. Health experts also suggest exercising the next day after the skin treatment.

Exposure to the sun
Another major Botox mistake people make is exposing themselves to the sun or visiting saunas right after the treatment. Sunlight can bring about pigmentation issues in the skin. Similarly, saunas can negatively affect the skin and create long-term skin complications in people.

To avoid these issues, dermatologists usually advise people to stay away from the sun or saunas for up to 4 hours after a Botox procedure.

Stressing about post-botox bumps and bruises
Post-botox bruises and bumps are common. Therefore, one must not stress too much about them. Stress can lead to a person involuntarily frowning or scowling, pressuring the muscles targeted by the treatment and causing its effects to wear off quickly.

Putting in too much Botox
Although most people rely on professionals for the job, some seasoned Botox users may try to do it by themselves. Though most health experts strongly advise against this, in such cases, one must be mindful of how much Botox they use. Too much into the skin and they may suffer complications such as droopy skin and inconsistent flexibility in different areas. Therefore, one must consult a dermatologist or other healthcare professionals for such treatments.