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5 everyday styling errors to avoid

5 everyday styling errors to avoid

Everyone’s style is a unique reflection of their tastes, moods, and creativity. Gone are the days when we were subjected to a long list of rules dictating how to dress up. Today, the world of fashion has taken several steps forward, allowing every individual to explore their sense of style. As you undertake this journey, here are a few styling errors to avoid to help you put your best foot forward!

Accessorizing too little or too much
Accessories can make or break your outfit. Wearing too many accessories with one outfit can make you appear out of place, while going for too little can make even the most well-thought-out outfit appear like a last-minute look. Take some time to select the perfect accessories for your chosen outfit, such as layered necklaces, a set of pearl earrings, a stylish watch, or a chic handbag.

Following antiquated fashion rules
When styling your outfit for any occasion, remember that you only need to impress yourself! Several fashion “rules” surrounding colors and patterns have been around for decades. It’s time to put these in the bin and style your outfit based on your comfort and preferences.

Only wearing fashion trends
With every season, there is a change in trends. These changes have become more pronounced with the advent of social media. Influencers and celebrities often make people feel compelled to change their looks and fit into “current trends”. Not only is this approach financially and environmentally wasteful, but it is also unlikely to suit everyone’s style. Instead, invest in quality pieces that appeal to your taste and comfort.

Ignoring the wash instructions on your clothes
This may not seem like a clear styling error, but failing to care for your clothes can hamper your look. Carefully follow the washing instructions for each garment to keep them looking fresher for longer!

Not listening to your intuition
Your sense of style is entirely based on one person’s opinions – YOU! Your style isn’t momentary; it will grow and evolve. Be sure to listen to what your intuition tells you. From comfortable and understated to chic, wear what feels right to you.

Lean into your intuition, and leave your mark in the fashion world by being yourself unapologetically.