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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Switching Phone Carriers

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Switching Phone Carriers

Switching phone carriers may be a daunting task, considering all the research and work needed to get through it. However, in some cases, it is inevitable, so it is always recommended to be well-informed and have all the details on hand before making the decision. There are many factors to consider when it comes to this, and there are some mistakes people make while switching phone carriers that customers can easily avoid. Take a look.

1. Choosing the wrong carrier
This is one of the biggest mistakes people make and should definitely be avoided because of all the troubles that could limit a smooth phone experience. There are three wireless networks available: Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile. Some factors that can help decide which carrier works best for a customer include data speeds, any problems with dropped calls, text messaging plans, and if they are delivered timely. So check for these metrics when choosing the carrier.

2. Failing to compare phone plans
So many phone plans are available, and while customers compare them, they often do not get into the specifics of the pricing to understand each service. This can be essential, especially when someone has already started a plan and, in the middle of the month, they realize they have been charged for some extra features they have been using.

Some examples include Verizon phone plans and the Unlimited Ultimate plan for the iPhone, starting at $65 per line. The Unlimited Plus plan provides the fastest 5G and 30GB of premium mobile hotspot data. They also provide home internet for as little as $25 a month, but the service availability varies.

AT&T also has good offers, but it is important to know that internet services and offers may vary from region to region. So always check for the offers available near your residence or business, depending on one’s needs.

3. Ignoring low-cost brands
While there are three main service providers, there are also low-cost cell phone service providers that use the same towers as the big brands. According to some reviewers, these brands can help lower service pricing by up to $30 a month or even less. Also, it is to be noted that these low-cost brands are discounted brands that are owned by major networks, prepaid divisions, major networks, or even mobile virtual network operators. Some discounted brands to watch are Visible, owned by Verizon; Cricket Wireless, owned by AT&T; and Metro by T-Mobile, owned by T-Mobile.

Some mobile virtual network operators include Xfinity Mobile, which relies on Verizon’s network; US Mobile, which partners with Verizon and T-Mobile; Pure Talk, which partners with AT&T; and Mint Mobile, which uses T-Mobile’s network.

4. Failing to check phone compatibility
Another issue with switching phone carriers is ensuring that the phone is unlocked and compatible with the service provider. Unless the customer changes the phone, they can simply select one through the carrier.

However, if the customer wants to keep the phone and just change the carrier, they must speak to someone from the carrier to check if their phone is compatible with this switch. This may be a complicated task considering there’s no assurance of compatibility, and often, customers may have to buy a new phone just to change their carrier. So, research is essential when it comes to this.

5. Ignoring discounts
When switching, there are some discount packages available for specific groups of people, so it is always advised to never skip those. These can be essential in ensuring the phone and internet bills remain affordable, and if anyone comes under the discount category, why not make the most of it? Getting a family line or a group discount is one of the best ways to utilize the discount package. So, getting a multi-line plan helps lower the cost every month. Other types of discounts available include device, autopay, senior, and employer discounts. Multi-month discounts are also available, especially with prepaid carriers, so don’t forget to explore those.

It is always a good idea to shake things up occasionally with the carrier by checking and comparing prices with other brands. Check for any new seasonal discounts that may affect the billing cycle and subscribe to those. One of the other mistakes customers usually make is getting too comfortable with whatever the plan is. Just because one is used to something does not mean a better experience should not be explored.