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5 safety tips for concert and festival goers

5 safety tips for concert and festival goers

The thought of attending a concert or a festival is an exciting one. You can watch your favorite artist perform live, sing and dance to their music, and enjoy assorted food and drinks. However, whether this is a one-day or weekend-long event, there are several factors that one may overlook, including safety concerns. So if you have considered attending any such event, here are five tips for ensuring you’re safe throughout it.

Attend with a group
Thousands of people may attend a concert or a festival on any given day. So, it is quite easy to get lost in such a big crowd, even if you look away for just a minute. Therefore, it is advisable to attend the event with friends and stick together. If you must separate, then always let them know where you are in case of emergencies. Moreover, you should share your smartphone’s location with them (and vice versa) so that they can find you easily.

Identify an exit route
Despite the level of security at a festival or concert, several factors may trigger panic among the crowd. Therefore, you must identify more than one exit route in the block assigned to you. In case one is blocked, you can always use the other. You should also look for marked exits and occasionally check if those routes are available.

Hydrate constantly
Many events begin during the day when the sun is overhead. So while you might enjoy dancing to the tunes from a favorite band, the heat might lead to dehydration and possible collapse. To avoid such symptoms or accidents, you should drink plenty of water throughout the concert. Other ways to stay shielded from the sun include wearing sunglasses and a hat. You should also look for shaded areas where you can relax in between sets. Try to grab a bite to eat at intervals, even if it means you miss a bit of the show.

Protect your hearing
As thrilling as the guitar riffs, high-pitch vocals, or beats from the drums might be, these sounds are loud and may affect your hearing. If you find yourself near the speakers, move away at once and try to relocate to a place further from the stage. Alternatively, you could protect your hearing by using earplugs.

Take care of precious items
The theft rate at music concerts or festivals is typically high because of how packed it is with people. So when you attend either of the events, avoid wearing expensive jewelry or carrying other precious items. Smartphones and wallets are also prone to theft, so ensure you are mindful of these belongings throughout the event.