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5 simple ways to toilet train a cat

5 simple ways to toilet train a cat

One of the main concerns for new pet parents is toilet training their feline friends. Cats are smart species; they understand the tricks within a few weeks. However, teaching them the correct techniques from day one is essential as it will gradually mold the cat’s behavior toward using the toilet bowl or litter boxes. The transition can be challenging, so we have listed seven simple steps to help with the process.

Decide and prepare a designated bathroom
Choose a bathroom that is easily accessible to your pet. And place the litterbox close to the toilet. The idea is to get your cat to “go” in the litter box and train it to use the toilet bowl gradually. The cat will get familiar with the new spot eventually.

Move the litter box closer to the toilet bowl
Move the litter box an inch closer to the toilet bowl. It will also be convenient for the pet parent to clean the box when they want to. Get rid of a layer of litter to a point where there’s a thin layer left in the box.

Raise the height of the litter box
Stack a pile of newspapers, old magazines, or cardboards under the litter box, and gradually raise the height, so that the cat can easily jump onto the box. Initially, the cat will get confused by the height change. But gradually, it will understand the process and jump onto the toilet seat. Make sure you pay attention to your cat adjusting to the new method while training.

Use a training box
Gradually, replace the litter box with a training box, and place it over the toilet seat; many options are available online. The training box is made for the pets to become accustomed to the new spot.

Make the transition
After a few days, replace the litter box with a training seat. Secure the training seat on the toilet. These training seats come with or without a hole. You can simply fill in with the flushable litter. Some training seats have rings of different sizes ranging from small to big. It will help build trust in your cats to use the toilet seat.

After a point, the cat will learn to balance on the toilet bowl. When cats start using the toilet bowl, pet parents can slowly get rid of the litter box.

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