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5 things to avoid while traveling in Europe

5 things to avoid while traveling in Europe

Europe is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world. Whether it’s the historic Colosseum or the iconic Eiffel Tower, the continent covers a range of avenues, including architecture, cuisine, art, and culture. But during the trip, one must try making the journey as stress-free as possible. After all, no one wants to get into a sticky situation when they travel abroad. Here are five things to avoid while traveling in Europe.

Taking a cab
Most European cities have exceptional public transportation. For instance, taking a train in Paris is a much faster way to reach the city center. Additionally, a shuttle bus may be convenient and cost-effective. In comparison, taking a cab may increase travel time and involve exorbitant fares.

Buying tickets late
Scrambling at the eleventh hour in European cities for tickets to a museum or popular attraction is the last thing to do. One might have to spend a long time in the queue or not get to enter at all. So, one should book everything they want to visit in advance. For example, major cities may offer multi-day sightseeing passes, which could help one pre-plan their trip and confirm major attractions.

Walking around with cash
Carrying cash during a trip is essential. However, one should avoid carrying too much at a time. During a trip to destinations like Europe, one should limit the amount of cash in their wallet and look for credit cards that do not charge transaction fees. Limiting cash will also help prevent being pickpocketed, which is usually common in crowded tourist destinations.

Eating at restaurants near tourist attractions
Many people make the mistake of eating meals in restaurants near tourist attractions. While this might make for good social media posts, the meal itself could be expensive. One should consider eating from restaurants in the back streets of a main tourist area. For instance, places like Old Town Square might be crowded and expensive, but a few blocks away, one may find fewer crowds, with restaurants offering delicious meals at pocket-friendly rates.

Letting an error ruin the trip
One could take all the necessary precautions during a trip and still get ripped off unexpectedly. This could include overpriced photography, cab fare, and meals. In such cases, it is essential not to let the bad experiences ruin the rest of the trip. If it’s not too severe, one should get over the mistake, learn from it, and make the most of the rest of the trip.