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5 tips for styling a watch with an outfit

5 tips for styling a watch with an outfit

Watch and outfit mismatches are more common than one may know. For instance, a person’s style quotient comes under scrutiny if they pair a tuxedo with a sporty watch that swimmers wear in competitions. Similarly, no matter how well-styled a person is, they cannot pull off a stunning diamond-encrusted watch while also wearing a casual shirt, a jacket, and a pair of jeans for a getaway trip. Here are some tips to help one avoid such mismatches:

Matching the leather watchband and outfit leather
Matching the color of the leather on one’s watchband to that of their shoes, belts, and caps (if used) makes things aesthetically pleasing for onlookers. Mismatched leather on watches and outfits tends to stand out in a negative sense a lot more than other kinds of mismatches. Color- and material-coordinated watches match best with whatever one wears on public occasions.

Matching the metal straps of the watch with other accessories
Metal stands out like no other material out there. Therefore, people must match the metal straps on their watches (if they do have metal straps) with the other accessories they wear, whether those include jewelry, handbags, or designer shoes. Matching accessories with one’s watch enhances a person’s aesthetic appeal just as much as the leather-matching aspect does.

Matching the formality of the watch with that of the occasion
The “bling” aspect of watches must match the gravitas of a given occasion. In that sense, the tuxedo and sports watch analogy is a shining example of what not to wear for specific occasions. One should wear more formal watches for meetings or formal events and reserve casual, sporty watches for retreats or other casual settings. By pairing the right watch with the right outfit, one can create a more polished and appropriate look.

Using the “less is more” philosophy
Wearing watches with an understated design language works well in any situation or occasion. The less-is-more philosophy tends to work well when it comes to watches and other accessories. Watches with an elaborate design will probably not look good with even the most suave or sophisticated attire.

Heirloom watches are a fail-safe solution
Heirloom watches have a cultural and historical appeal that few other accessories can match. They are often worn as good luck charms or as a way to remember the original owner. Since these watches represent a legacy, they are typically not used to follow trends or match outfits. Therefore, one can bend the fashion rules and wear heirloom watches on a special and significant occasion.