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5 top safety forward SUVs to buy in 2023

5 top safety forward SUVs to buy in 2023

When you want the convenience of a sedan with the utility and ruggedness of a pickup truck, SUVs are the ideal vehicles that offer the best of both worlds. With extra legroom, passenger seating, and enhanced cargo space, these vehicles are built for city and cross-country driving. SUVs also offer many safety features, making them highly reliable for solo and family driving. Here are the top five picks for the safest SUVs of 2023 compared.

Ford Explorer
The all-new 2023 Ford Explorer midsize SUV checks across the board with innovative safety features. You get an integrated blind spot monitoring system with dedicated cross-traffic alerts to switch lanes safely. A special rearview camera and auto high beam sensors monitor the back and also illuminate the way ahead in dim lighting conditions. And let’s not forget the lane-keeping assists and adaptive cruise control functions that come in real handy when driving at high speeds.

Tesla Model Y
Tesla is the industry standard for electric vehicles featuring innovative safety technologies, albeit at a hefty price tag. The Model Y is this year’s proud recipient of IIHS’s Top Safety Pick + award. Key features like a low center of gravity, rigid structure, and impact protection are why this premium vehicle also receives a 5-star rating from NHA. Further, Tesla’s unique 360° vision technology with front, side, and rear cameras provides real-time updates for proximity, blind spots, and lane assists.

Kia Telluride
Kia is one of the top picks in premium SUVs and for good reason. Its heavy-duty chassis is built for rugged use and all the safety assists are integrated with Kia’s preinstalled smart technology. You get dedicated auditory and visual alerts for lane switching, blind spots, proximity, collision, and more, integrated into the vehicle for automatic control. Essential safety features are standard across trims of the 2023 Kia Telluride.

Lexus UX
If you prefer a luxury hybrid crossover SUV, then nothing beats the design, performance, and stability of the Lexus UX. One of the key highlights of the safety assists is that the car’s in-house developed Lexus Safety System + Version 2.5. You get an upgraded pre-collision alert, pedestrian alert, cross-traffic alert, lane-keeping assist, and smart lighting systems for a safe and comfortable drive.

Acura RDX
Acura features its very own AcuraWatch™ premium suite that promises to be a driver’s best friend. The suite comes with dedicated throttle and braking response monitoring, traffic movement alerts, pedestrian detection, and more. The collision mitigation braking system can even help avoid a potential frontal impact.

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