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6 mistakes to evade while buying an e-bike

6 mistakes to evade while buying an e-bike

Bicycles have become increasingly popular in the last few years. While people looked for ways to stay fit outside the gym and alternatives for public transportation, the sale of e-bikes rose by leaps and bounds. Rising gas prices further fueled the e-bike trend. With price tags ranging between $1,000 to $10,000, an e-bike is a serious investment. Here are six mistakes to avoid when looking for the right electric bike model for yourself:

Buying the least expensive bike
Quality is worth paying for when purchasing an e-bike. Cheap parts can wear out within the first 500 miles, and replacement parts may be difficult to source. So instead of buying the cheapest option, look for one that offers great quality and an attractive warranty.

Not comparing batteries
E-bike batteries differ in output based on their brand and manufacturer. So before making a purchase, check the peak voltage and amp hours to find the best fit for your biking needs.

Not understanding drive system differences
E-bikes generally offer two different drive systems – mid-drive and hub motors. Mid-drive systems are typically lighter, more efficient, and a natural extension of your efforts. They are easy to drive on flat grounds. On the other hand, hub motors are typically heavier but more powerful for hill climbing. Consider these requirements and lifestyle preferences before purchasing an e-bike.

Not getting a warranty
Batteries for e-bikes are the most expensive components. Although battery technology has advanced rapidly in the last few years, these parts are not faultless. Most manufacturers issue a warranty with their e-bikes or engines during a sale. An e-bike sold without a warranty is a testament to its poor engine quality, so be careful when making a purchase.

Buying the wrong size
Unfortunately, e-bikes aren’t one-size-fits-all. So when buying an e-bike, look for a comfortable driving fit to avoid future pain, which means buying one at a comfortable height, that offers comfortable and optimal leg extension and encourages your natural posture without hurting your back or neck.

Not checking the specifications
The different parts of an e-bike affect its overall performance. Ensure you check the engine quality, type, top driving speed, range, and other important specifications beforehand to find the perfect fit.

Along with these factors, ensure you have a regular servicing plan for your e-bikes that covers tune-ups and replacing flat tires to keep your bike running smoothly.