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6 non-monetary ways to be charitable

6 non-monetary ways to be charitable

While several people participate in annual or bi-annual fundraising programs, it is not for everyone, especially for the people with no excess income. But that is not to say that such individuals cannot give back to society. If one is determined to help make a change, there are various ways to donate to charity. This can be via lending manpower, taking up service responsibility, etc. All you need is a little effort and some time.

6 non-monetary ways to donate to charity

By being creative
Are you a passionate baker? Or are you well versed in the art of sewing? Maybe knitting? What we are trying to say is you can put your skills to use for the greater good. You can find shelter homes, retirement communities, or schools that could use a little help with their community. Put together some of your creations and donate them to make their day a little brighter.

By being active
You can organize or participate in various marathons and triathlons to give back to people. Participate in events affiliated with or trying to raise funds for charities. If you look closely, you can find one happening at least every month in your city.

By being helpful
If monetary help is not something you can manage, be charitable with your time. Volunteer at soup kitchens or go to a public library and read to children. You can even volunteer at animal shelters and help them with cleaning and maintenance activities. Teaching kids from underprivileged communities is another way of being charitable on a daily basis.

By donating old possessions
Donating stuff that you have outgrown or don’t find useful anymore is one of the basic forms of charity. Sort different donation boxes for clothes, toys, shoes, and household items. If you are a traveler, you can even put together a box of hotel toiletries and donate it to the needy.

By donating miles
Multiple airlines are likely willing to help you in your act of kindness. Once you have accumulated enough miles to donate, contact your airline and inquire about the cause they support or the charity they contribute to.

By not littering
You don’t have to feel bad about not being able to fit charitable events into your busy schedule. Instead, try fitting small acts of charity into your daily routine. While out for your run or walk, pick up the litter and properly dispose of it. It will help clear walkways for people as well as animals.