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6 types of cruises to avoid for a fun vacation

6 types of cruises to avoid for a fun vacation

Thanks to their all-inclusive nature and the variety of onboard activities, cruise ships are often hailed as the perfect vacation destination. With special cruises to attract singles, families, and older citizens, the industry has been booming. While there is no such thing as a “bad cruise,” some shipping excursions may make one regret spending their time and money. To avoid this from happening, here are six cruises one must avoid:

Repositioning cruises
Repositioning cruises sail from one port to another, where they begin a new itinerary. These are generally popular for their affordable prices, with rooms costing as little as $30-50 per night. However, these cruises generally sail near the beginning or the end of the season, when seas may be rougher. Additionally, their itineraries have fewer ports and more sea days, which can make the trip seem uncomfortable to many.

Short cruises
Short cruises generally take place on the cruise line’s older and smaller ships, offering less variety to its customers. While they are an attractive option for weekend travelers, they do not offer the same kind of relaxation that a more traditional 7-day cruise may.

Maiden voyages
A cruise’s inaugural voyage is generally more of a dry run. The staff and entertainers are still working on setting their rhythm. As a result, there may be unexpected chaos or delays. It may be a better idea to hold off on sailing on these cruises until a few weeks later.

Cruises during hurricane season
During hurricane season, ships may be delayed, forced to change routes, or even cancel voyages. Officially, hurricane season occurs between June to November. Avoid booking cruise vacations, or avail travel insurance on all bookings made during this time of the year.

Cruises before drydock
Every 2-3 years, cruises go to drydock for maintenance, repair, and refurbishment. One may want to avoid any cruise vacations just before the ship dry docks, as it may hamper their experience. Travelers may notice tattered carpets, rusty nails, or even ongoing maintenance work during their voyage, which can be unpleasant.

Themed cruises
Certain companies or individuals often charter the cruise to host conferences, meetings, or celebrations. One may want to avoid these ships, as the organizers may have closed down certain venues or limited access to their special activities. To avoid the hassle, one must check with their travel agent about major groups expected on the ship at the time of booking.

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