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Avoid these five mistakes while using vacuum cleaners

Avoid these five mistakes while using vacuum cleaners

Today, most American households have a vacuum cleaner. But not everyone knows how to use the appliance properly. Many people misuse their vacuum cleaners, which interferes with the machine’s ability to clean properly and causes it to stop working prematurely. Fortunately, most of these mistakes are avoidable, regardless of the type of vacuum cleaner one owns. This article points out some common mistakes vacuum owners make and explains how to avoid them.

Not emptying the dust bag on time
If you operate a vacuum cleaner while its dust container is full, the appliance will not pick up dirt and dust as effectively as it used to. Plus, the airflow within the vacuum will get restricted, causing the motor to overheat, decreasing the appliance’s longevity. To avoid this, empty the dust bag well before it’s full or after every use.

Incorrectly assuming the motor is broken
If your vacuum cleaner suddenly stops working while you’re cleaning, that doesn’t necessarily mean its motor is gone for good. Oftentimes, vacuum cleaners shut off automatically as soon as the motor overheats to prevent a hazardous incident. The motor usually overheats when the dust bag is full, or hair or fiber gets entangled in the brush roll. So, you need to empty the bag or clean the brush roll and try restarting.

Vacuuming up wrong objects
Bear in mind that vacuum cleaners are typically made for cleaning everyday dirt and dust. If you use it to remove larger objects in your way, like a penny, screw, or a piece of stone, the appliance may get damaged. Also, avoid running regular vacuums over water or other liquids, as it may cause electrocution and severe damage to the appliance.

Delaying or skipping maintenance
To ensure your vacuum cleaner runs smoothly for multiple years, you must invest time in maintenance, including emptying the dirt container, cleaning the brush roll, and washing or replacing filters. Note that filters trap fine dust and dirt particles and may not do the job properly if they’re already full of these particles.

Failing to use the right attachment
There’s a reason most vacuum cleaners come with dusting brushes, crevice tools, extension wands, and various other attachments. They help you clean the ceiling and other hard-to-reach areas in your home. Read the instruction manual and use the attachments as directed to get the best cleaning results.