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Best Molekule air purifiers of 2021

Best Molekule air purifiers of 2021

Molekule air purifiers are somewhat of a rage in the market currently. The brand has done a superb job of communicating its state-of-the-art technology that gives other air purifiers a run for their money. Most purifiers use what is called the HEPA technology to keep the environment dust-free, but Molekule uses something more special–the PECO technology.

Molekule technology
The brand has been marketing its products for its unique PECO technology, different from most other air purifiers. Photo Electrochemical Oxidation (PECO) is a technology that traps harmful dust particles and destroys them completely, making the air pure.

Molekule has a regular motor and a pre-filter that traps dust particles, pet hair, and other pollutants. Still, their special PECO technology breaks down these harmful particulates into basic molecular components that are safe to be in the environment. After a few test runs, it was observed that it could destroy mold spores and allergens like pollen as well.

Products to choose from
Let’s find out the best Molekule Air Purifiers of 2021:

  • Air Mini
    The Air Mini is ideal for a room size of up to 250 square feet and can be purchased at the price of around $399 from Molekule’s official website.
  • Air Mini Plus
    There’s no particular difference between the Air Mini and the Plus models, except for some add-on features present in the latter, such as the matter sensor, particle level indicator, and auto-protect. These additional features bring the price of Air Mini Plus to approximately $500.
  • Air
    This model is suitable for rooms as big as 600 square feet. The design is minimalistic, and the product comes with a leather strap, which is also found in other Molekule models, for easy portability. It is priced at approximately $800 on the website.
  • Air Pro
    The Pro model is ideal for rooms that are up to 1000 square feet big. You would be surprised at how this small machine can clean up the air for such a big space. This is Molekule’s top-most model, priced at approximately $1200.

Design and specifications
The design is simple and attractive, making it an esthetically pleasing product to keep around the house. It sure makes for a useful and elegant purchase, with powerful technology and sleek design.

Usually, air purifiers are powered up to 100W; however, with the heavy technology, the Pro product can use up to 153W of power. It is also a bit noisy. That said, it works well for a room as big as 1000 square feet.

What to choose
The choice between the four products solely depends on the room size. So be sure to get your measurements right. Apart from that, the technology remains the same, and the products make for an excellent choice for a cleaner environment.