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Essential things to know about My Patriot Supply

Essential things to know about My Patriot Supply

My Patriot Supply is a company that thrives on making emergency food supply possible and reachable to the people in need. The brand offers canned foods, full meals, vegetables and fruits, sprouting seeds and greens, and other essential items for colonies impacted by power cuts or natural calamities. The patriot freeze food supply delivers food kits that can be stored for weeks and years (upto 25 years).

Who needs a My Patriot freeze-dried food supply?
When there’s a power cut due to heavy snowfall or any natural calamity, My Patriot Supply comes to the rescue. The brand takes bulk orders and offers a wide range of food supplies and essential items like power and light, first aid, water filtration, and air purifiers, and even cooking tools. 

What are the benefits of My Patriot freeze-dried food?
Besides providing emergency food supply in the time of need, the food kits come with a long shelf life which can last for weeks and even years together. Some people even like to have such food kits handy at home in case of emergencies like curfews, pandemics, or viral outbreaks. The food kits are delivered in quality packages that can be tucked away in the freezer for future use.

Does the company accept one-serve meals apart from bulk orders?
One can order the short-term emergency survival food kit that offers supplements for three days or a month. The long-term emergency food supply provides food supplements that can be stored and used for a long time. Besides people with emergencies, patriot freeze food supply is also a preferred option for campers and hikers. They also offer one-serve meals and essential cooking equipment that can be used when on a hike.

How can one place an order?
Ordering from their website is simple and convenient. You have to create an account with essential personal details before browsing through the categories. Once your account is registered with your name, email address, and password, you can browse through all the categories and select the kits or tools you need as per your requirement. It’s better to have the website handy with essential details to place an emergency order whenever in need. You will be provided with free shipping on orders above $99. After entering your address for delivery, you will have to choose your payment mode. Your order will be placed which will be followed by a confirmation email.