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Top 3 things to not do at a funeral

Top 3 things to not do at a funeral

Dealing with a loved one’s death can be very difficult to come to terms with. This is why funerals can be quite hard for family members and friends of the deceased to attend or host. It is an emotional event for them, and for this and several other reasons, behaving correctly and maintaining decorum during a funeral is imperative. On that note, here is a list of the things one should not do at a funeral:

1. Being late
When someone comes to a funeral, they do so out of respect for the person who has passed away and their family. Therefore, showing up late at a funeral can be seen as disrespecting the deceased and their loved ones. Ideally, one must show up at least 15 minutes before the ceremony’s scheduled start time. The time gap leaves space for people to sit comfortably before the family can walk down the aisle. If one cannot avoid being late, they can at least enter the event discreetly and sit on one of the side pews.

2. Laughing
This, again, is a strict no-no. Sometimes, individuals cannot help but laugh on the most inappropriate occasions. Maybe they laugh as a coping mechanism; however, it is rude and highly inappropriate at a funeral or memorial service, except if someone makes an appropriately funny remark during speeches or eulogies. If someone feels they need to laugh, they must step out of the event and compose themselves. In addition to laughing, one should avoid talking loudly, yawning, or moving around excessively.

3. Dressing inappropriately
Funerals are somber affairs, and the dress code people follow reflects the overall mood of the event. Generally, people wear black or gray to funerals. Dressing in loud-colored apparel is a strict no-no. Avoid wearing loud colors and over-the-top outfits. People must try to match an occasion’s seriousness and gravitas with what they wear. Doing so is seen as a sign of respect for the deceased and their loved ones.