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Top 4 ERP software to choose from

Top 4 ERP software to choose from

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software are programs that help businesses keep track of and ensure that their customer orders are in place and the data is easily accessible. The program helps better manage aspects like eCommerce, business intelligence, CRM, and marketing automation. Since it is so crucial for the smooth running of a business, it is necessary you choose the absolute best.

Oracle NetSuite
Oracle NetSuite is one of the highest-rated ERP software available in the market. The program is favored by a major population of business owners across the globe. NetSuite is designed for ease of use and promotes growth, as it provides you complete control with customization options. Oracle is suitable for everyone, right from bookstores to fashion businesses that need an ERP system. You could take a free product demo from the brand to know more about the program. However, since there is customization involved, the website does not mention a price.

Microsoft Dynamics
Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based accounting system that works optimally in combination with Microsoft Office 365. The program can just as easily be synchronized with other Microsoft products and is very easy to navigate. The business version of the software is equipped with better, faster, and more efficient features. Sadly, the software is only available in the US and Canada. Also, the software might not be as small business-friendly as some other ERP software on the list.

SAP Business One
SAP Business One is an old-school enterprise resource planning platform perfect for those who are not tech-savvy. The program that it runs on allows users to have access to complex business analytics without getting lost in the data. The documentation and reporting system of SAP is very clean and efficient. The software can very efficiently handle multiple currencies but would require extreme customization to operate on.

SysPro ERP
SysPro is an ERP software that helps businesses manage their finance and inventory. The system works great across small businesses and bigger supply chains. The program is currently being widely used among businesses, and it helps manage their controls, accesses, auditing, and monitoring services. However, like Oracle NetSuite, SysPro ERP does not display any pricing on their website, and you may be required to contact their sales team.