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Top 5 providers for automated investments

Top 5 providers for automated investments

Roboadvisors are gaining popularity as these investment programs offer affordable financial advice to a large number of investors. These automated advisors use an algorithm to recommend investment options that best suit your requirements. The best automated investing algorithms offer simple account setup, portfolio management, low fees, strong goal planning, and security. Here are the top five providers of automated investments.


This roboadvisor is the best for delivering top-quality services. You may sync various financial accounts without investing to gain an overall picture of your investment portfolio. You may choose the pre-built Betterment portfolios or customize one to meet your needs. The algorithm gives you the flexibility to add new goals as required while monitoring your progress without any difficulties. The advisor charges between 0.25% and 0.4% management fees with no minimum account requirement.


It is one of the largest Robo-advisors and provides goal-based investing enabling you to understand the future effects of your financial decisions. You may choose from a wide range of portfolios that comprise individual stocks to meet your financial goals. Once your portfolio accumulates USD 25,000, Wealthfront allows you to borrow against its value. The service provider also offers margin lending. The management fee for most accounts is 0.25% and you need an account minimum of USD 500. The Robo-advisor offers tax-loss harvesting and lowest fees on its exchange-traded funds (ETFs).


Although this automated investing algorithm is focused on women, financial planning is beneficial to all kinds of investors. It is an excellent option for goal-based investing even when you have multiple financial objectives. Based on the service level, Ellevest levies between 0.25% and 0.5% as management fees. Basic service level does not require a minimum account and offers tax minimization and automatic rebalancing. Premium account holders have access to executive coaches and dedicated financial planning experts.

SoFi Invest

The service provider has moved into robot-advisory by providing extremely user-friendly services. To help you achieve your life goals, SoFi provides goal-based planning and automatic rebalancing. Additionally, you have access to financial advisors, career services, and discounts on other products without any extra charges. You need a minimum account of $1 and the automated investing service provider does not levy any management fees.

Charles Schwab Intelligent Portfolio

Charles Schwab is looking to become a market leader with its best automated investing algorithm that is known for its usability. The company is well-reputed as an investor-friendly advisor and the same reputation is carried by its roboadvisory arm. At no additional charges, you have access to beneficial features, such as automated tax-loss harvesting, portfolio rebalancing, and 24X7 access to customer services. You need a minimum account of $5,000 but the roboadvisor levies zero management fees.

While there are several automated investing service providers, working with a reliable advisor ensures you are able to achieve your financial objectives. Roboadvisors offer recommendations on building a diversified portfolio of multiple ETFs on the basis of factors like your risk profile, investment horizon, and expected levels of returns. The advantage of opening an account with automated investing companies is that your money is managed by experienced professionals at affordable fees.