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Top Shoe Trends in 2021-22

Top Shoe Trends in 2021-22

A decent pair of sneakers or oxfords or even Birkenstocks can add so much more than mere functionality to your daily look. Different types of footwear are specially designed to complete your daily fashion ensemble. There are so many styles and varieties to choose from, making it a lot harder to pick. Here are some of the best shoe trends for men and women to explore as per the season, occasion, and purpose.

Men’s classics
Sneakers are the ultimate classic footwear. In fact, top footwear brands reintroduce these trendy kicks every year in vivid styles. Minimalist sneakers are available in the primary solids, usually featuring an all-white finish. Brands like Converse, Adidas, and Nike focus on the classic double tone silhouette, featuring two popular solid colors with their brand logo. Furthermore, you have the bright-colored maximalist or chunky sole sneakers that go well with casuals and denim.

Men’s essentials
Keeping up with the best shoe trends is not just limited to women’s fashion. Popular alternatives include lighter brogues and oxfords for casual occasions and darker shades for more formal outings. Suede sneakers continue to remain in style and compliment almost every type of outfit. Chunky leather boots and white trainers are reserved for hipper fashion. Let’s not forget the multipurpose loafer, best suited for wear during the summer months.

Women’s trendy footwear for the summer
Summer shoes are designed for comfort, and that is why the classic summer Birkenstocks are one of the popular crowd favorites. Other favorites feature lightweight slip-on loafers, old-school tennis sneakers, thick-soled slide-in sandals, and classic platform sandals. Most of these footwears feature a relatively open weave design that allows for cooling while protecting your sole from harsh elements.

Women’s best shoe trends for spring
The latest spring styles are all set to hit the shelves, inspired by Fashion Week and Runway. These include chunky strap sandals with breezy floral patterns, double buckle platforms, cozy Birkenstocks, and elevated flip flops.

Women’s trendy footwear for occasions
Your dressed-to-the-nine outfit is incomplete without a decent pair of classic heeled mules, or even thick heeled boots, heeled loafers, slingback loafers, and strappy sandals featuring extra-long laces. Nothing defines elegance better than straps and heeled footwear that you can wear for formal occasions and on casual dates.

Here are some classy shoe brands you might want to check out:

Aquazzura is a renowned high-end shoe brand. Consider investing in this brand’s products for the time, comfort, and high style quotient. The shoes can be paired with trendy as well as evergreen outfits. 

Manolo Blahnik
If you are a fan of fashionable heels that can make you look ready for work or for parties by just slipping them on, Manolos are the perfect choice. The love for this brand is common among celebs. If the Aquazzura shoe collection is something you fancied, you should also take a look at Manolos. 

Carrie Forbes
For traditional handwoven shoes, you might want to check Carrie Forbes’ collections. The brand has beautiful and modest high heels as well as flats. 

Sarah Flint
A brand even Meghan Markle adorns, Sarah Flint has some of the most beautiful footwear we have seen. Right from flats and sandals to pumps, you can have it all. 

If you’re into tennis, go for the Adizero Ubersonic 4 shoes by Adidas. Designed for quick cross-court movements, they have a lightweight mesh that offers stability, grip, and traction. Plus, the shoes are made of high-performance recycled materials. Adidas sometimes collaborates with fashion houses to launch accessories. In 2019, Adidas and Fiorucci collaborated and released a unique collection known as Adidas x Fiorucci, featuring trainers, swimwear, and poolsides, besides iconic footwear. Keep an eye on this brand if you’re into comfortable and stylish gear.

Leon Leonwood Bean created the duck boot in 1912. And if you want to purchase a quality pair today, Journeys is where should be. The brand has a collection of duck boots, like the Sperry Top-Sider Saltwater Alpine boot in tan for women. The website also has Sperry duck boots for men, like the Tommy Hilfiger Collins Duck Boot in brown. Duck boots are either waterproof or water-resistant. They also come with a lower rubber section coupled with leather or waterproof upper fabric.