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Why hire an attorney when applying for Social Security disability benefits

Why hire an attorney when applying for Social Security disability benefits

Social Security disability benefits can help people with impairments become financially stable and independent. However, one has to complete a few formalities and submit specific documents while applying, which can take time and effort. While individuals can get through the process all by themselves, it is advised to contact a lawyer to get the job done. Here are a few advantages of hiring an attorney to help with the application.

Understand the Blue Book better
Social Security disability benefits are processed by the Social Security Administration (SSA). The agency maintains a Blue Book, which mentions the criteria to qualify for the benefits. This book lists the impairments that make one eligible, the symptoms one should have, and the kind of test results and proof one must produce at the time of application. Since understanding the information written in the Blue Book can be challenging, hiring an experienced attorney for help makes sense.

Avoid mistakes in the application
Besides submitting proof of one’s imperilment, individuals must fill out lengthy forms, presenting information accurately. An attorney can guide applicants and help them avoid rookie mistakes and misunderstandings. This is crucial because any error in the submitted data can lead to the SSA rejecting the request.

Apply to the right disability program
The SSA offers two programs that pay benefits to people with disabilities: Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Since both programs’ eligibility criteria and payouts differ, consulting an expert can help a person determine the right option for their needs. They can also help fill out the necessary forms and gather the documents for the respective program.

Get the maximum monthly payouts
An experienced Social Security disability lawyer can help applicants get the maximum monthly benefit. According to the SSA Blue Book, one could get close to $3,345 each month if eligible.

Pay attorney fees only after winning the benefits battle
If an application is denied, the attorney can help a person appeal in court and take them through the process. Moreover, they cannot legally ask for payment until the client wins the battle. Only once an individual’s application has been accepted and they get the benefits can the attorney be paid. Specific existing laws mention how much an attorney can charge, so it will likely be affordable.